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The Best Deals

Whether you’re buying your first home or your tenth,
it’s critical to have the right professional there to help.

In this competitive environment, having the right strategy to find and secure your perfect home is critical…and an understanding of the local markets is crucial when judging when and where to make that investment in a home.

Beyond the traditional home searches, our online methods are second to none.
Our access to hundreds of millions of dollars worth of off-market listings throughout California is unparalleled. Our methods are one of a kind and our clients love it. Especially when it comes to receiving a ton of internet listings and leads, we sift through all of it – making it easier for you.



Who You Hire, Truly Matters

Every home has a story to tell.
The team representing your home need to be storytellers. Selling a home for top dollar requires the right marketing strategy and expertise to tell the story of a property in a way that creates an emotional response from potential buyers. Eric brings your property’s special details and showcases them in his marketing program. No two houses are the same, nor should the marketing.

Your home isn’t average. So don’t settle for average marketing.
Eric brings a unique marketing style that he inherited from working at Apple. His creative marketing program is carefully-thought-out adding – professional photography, dronography, and a custom web page for your home.

A good excuse for an expired listing? I’ve never heard one.
It’s not uncommon for homes to sit on the market for months…or even years. But Eric’s system is proven to prevent that from happening. His ‘Blitz’ marketing campaigns and market knowledge helps put your property in front of cash ready buyers.


San Francisco

Buying or selling in San Francisco can be a tricky process. Especially with tight regulations. We’ll help guide you through it.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is filled with many micro real estate climates. Some areas sell faster than others. We’ll show which areas are hot.

Los Angeles

We love Los Angeles. Especially with it’s diverse culture and beautiful neighborhoods. The right marketing is key here in LA.

“We literally take care of everything”


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